Turnaround Consulting

Our Turnaround Practice provides analysis, innovative strategies and solutions with training to companies facing stressed or distressed operational issues.

The Turnaround team is made up of experts in their disciplines with many years of experience advising companies through their challenges.

We are excellent business people as well as consultants. We strongly believe in putting our client’s best interests first. If changes are necessary, we can advise on what the changes should be and how to implement them as well as help execute the changes. Our people have worked for companies over their careers so everyone understands the inner workings of a business and how to get companies back on track. Our approach is to analyze, stabilize the company and educate management (where needed) on how to run the company going forward. Our goal is to help management get the company on a profitable and growth track and leave management with solid plans and operations moving forward.

We provide a full range of turnaround services to include:

  • Liquidity Management
  • Turnaround consulting, strategies & implementation
  • Restructuring Debt
  • Bankruptcy services
  • Receivership
  • Process improvement
  • Design of Dashboards
    • Set metrics, measurement and accountability
    • Reporting systems
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Business plan assessment and revisions
  • Analysis of Capital structure
  • Chapter 11 and prebankruptcy planning
  • 363 Bankruptcy sale process
  • Financial advisor to Debtor, Levelers and vendors
  • Court appointed roles

Industries Served

We have worked in and consulted across many industries. Some of these are:

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication shops
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Food and Food Ingredients
  • Pet Food and Products
  • Various service companies
  • Healthcare
  • Nursing home facilities
  • Lumber Yards
  • Tool manufacturing and machine shops

Our practice leader, Barry Worth, has worked in this arena for many years and has been recognized by CFO magazine. He has also worked on a number of companies that bankruptcy attorneys and bank special asset groups have brought him into.

For more information, contact:
Barry Worth at (314) 795-6014 and barry.worth@experience-on-demand.com