Strategic Planning

“Hope is not a strategy”

Strategic planning is a disciplined management process of envisioning a desired future state and translating this vision into defined goals, strategies and key initiatives to achieve them. It is used to set priorities, focus and align resources, strengthen operations, ensure that the entire organization is working together towards common vision and goals.

This pyramid represents the essential components of a strategic plan:

Most strategies fail not because of the strategy but due to poor execution. At Experience on Demand, we use a proven integrated strategic execution process to help make the vision a reality. After the strategic plan is approved, an implementation roadmap/plan is developed with key actions, responsibilities, and timing. This will also establish ownership, accountability, and commitment for results.

“A good plan well executed is better than a great plan poorly executed.”

Our proven process provides for all key stakeholders, internal and external, the opportunity to provide input. This is critical in the change management process plus engages the organization and builds commitment. The strategic planning timeframe ranges from 10 to 14 weeks and is tailored to meet our client’s needs. The three-phase approach includes Discovery and Exploration, Development, and Execution.

Phase I – Discovery and Exploration includes a customized web-based survey, key stakeholder interviews, internal organization review plus best practices based on our experience.
Phase II – Development includes facilitating the strategic planning workshop plus developing and approving the strategic plan.
Phase III – Execution includes developing the implementation roadmap and ongoing project management discipline/process going forward.

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