Risk Management

When you begin an adventure, do you consider the potential hazards? If you take a hike in the wilderness, bad surprises can occur. Even though they may be unlikely, we prepare for them if we’re smart. We don’t go alone. We let others know where we’re going. We take extra water. We may even take a first aid kit. We’re commonly taught, “be prepared.”

What about your business? Are you prepared for the inevitable challenges, potholes, and surprises? Leading organizations protect their success by actively managing risk. But how? Over the last few decades, new methods for managing risk across the enterprise have arisen that go beyond business insurance programs. By learning and adopting the appropriate standards for your business, you can reduce the likelihood of bad surprises. Also, by “buckling up,” you can safely take calculated risks to grow your business.

How do we help? Experience on Demand is fluent in best practices for business risk management. We help forward-thinking organizations identify and manage the risks that could derail achievement of their goals. We then help develop practical risk management strategies to help keep the business in-bounds and on the right path.

Key questions: How vulnerable is your business? How strong or weak could your performance be this year and next? What are your biggest risks? Are you prepared for them?

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Issues Addressed

Enterprise Risk Assessment

What are the risks we face? How well are we managing them? What more can be done?

Risk Analysis and Quantification

How big are our risks in terms of potential impact and probability? How do they compare to those of my competitors?

Risk Control Audits

For the risks for which we have created formal controls, how well are the controls working? What are the weak spots? Which controls would be worth strengthening?

Insurance Assessments

How strong is our coverage? What could cause our coverage to become ineffective? How can we obtain greater protection at lower cost?