Nonprofit Strategy

Tools and resources customized for your situation

Strategic Planning & Strategic Thinking: Facilitate strategic planning process that results in approved strategic & execution plan. Sounding board with leadership to think through business challenges and opportunities. Develop balanced scorecard.
Leadership Development: ED/CEO roundtable, coaching for CEO and board, written goals & 90-day plans. Leadership transition; search, interim coverage or coaching internal interim candidate.
Board Development & Governance: Plan and design effective board, governance training, board effectiveness survey, board commitment process/letters, board succession process.
Talent Management: 360 evaluations, employee engagement surveys, team building sessions, leadership coaching.
Operational Review & Improvement: Review of operational systems to develop process improvements and employee engagement.
Fiscal Management: Budget and risk assessment, cash flow analysis, reversal of deficits.
Market Research: Provide report from conducted research to understand the market, trends, competition, and opportunities.
Meeting Facilitation: Board retreats, staff team building, convening collaborators, issue resolution that outline next steps.
Information Systems & Technology: Identification, implementation, and training of software solutions.

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