Enterprise Software Selection

How to choose the best possible software solution for your organization

As your business grows and changes, the need for new software solutions grows as well. You may be looking at a new ERP or financial system, a logistics solution, marketing automation, or other key business solutions. Your challenge is to ensure the solution meets the needs of the business today and into the future, while keeping your business running smoothly.

A few reasons why you may need help defining your needs and selecting an appropriate solution …

  • The selection process usually involves many people in your organization with multiple requirements.
  • An enterprise software selection is an opportunity to move your business forward – or to bring it to a halt.
  • A major software system is a large investment of time and money, and should support your business for many years.
  • Up to 75% of ERP solutions fail – some due to the implementation process, but many due to poor specification and selection processes.

How does EOD help you to succeed?

  • Together, we establish a process to capture and prioritize your business needs.
  • We manage the vendors and process so you can still focus on your business.
  • We review the proposals, implementation plans, and contracts to provide you guidance.”

Our Process

Experience on Demand’s proven step-by-step methodology will enable your organization to make the right strategic, cultural, financial, functional, and technical decision when evaluating vendors.

We do all the heavy lifting.

We understand our clients already have a heavy workload before the added impact of a software selection, so we take care of the details.

Our Differentiation

We have experience in the entire business life cycle = Your Success

The game is not won by a single move, focusing on single steps – requirements, selection.

The game is won by thinking 3, 4 and 5 moves ahead.  This requires a team of experienced professionals that have lived the entire process.

For more information, contact:
Steve Finkelstein at (314) 409-6869 and steve.finkelstein@experience-on-demand.com or
Ray Scott at (314) 304-8070 and ray.scott@experience-on-demand.com