Healthcare Strategy

Understand Healthcare Options – Medical, Pharmacy, and Specialty Options

Are You Looking to Better Understand…?

  • The Pharmacy Benefit Design (includes Specialty Benefit) and your Medical Benefit Design
  • The Market strategy on healthcare companies that are close to you
  • Value propositions on top leading healthcare companies
  • Subject Matter Expertise on all areas of the Healthcare Benefit
  • Manage Care Contract Audit
  • The delivery of population health management and cost containment services. Experience on Demand’s goal is to positively impact quality, cost and outcomes in healthcare
  • Assisting small Pharmaceutical Companies in bringing new products to market using project management techniques
  • Medical, Pharmacy and Specialty benefit options
  • Retiree Medical & Prescription Drug Benefit

“The simple truth is that American’s failure to take medications as prescribed costs the nation billions of wasted dollars annually.  The need to address both the immediate costs of nonadherence and its long-term consequences has never been greater.”
– Express Scripts Drug Trend Report

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