Capital Investment Analysis

One of the toughest challenges faced by businesses that have early success is “when do I expand, and how do I do it?”

Experience on Demand has experts with decades of experience helping business leaders think about the strategic, operational, and financial implications of capital investments. In particular, because we are experts at execution, we can help you prepare for the additional burden of managing major projects while simultaneously maintaining your existing business.

Large investment decisions can lead to a lonely place where you can feel exposed to the risk of wrong choices. Don’t go it alone – we can help you objectively and thoroughly assess the options and lay the foundation for successful execution.

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Key questions:

When and how should you expand production capacity? How much will it cost? What is the potential Return on Investment (ROI)? Similarly, when should you replace aging systems or equipment? What is the payoff? How can you ensure success?

CapEx Strategy

What investments make the most strategic sense? Why? What are customer and competitor trends? How is the business environment changing?

Financial Projections

What is the most likely as well as the potential upper bound of costs to complete our project? What are cash requirements? How can we maximize our ROI?

Optimization Analysis

How can we best “right size” the investment? What is the tradeoff of bold versus careful moves?

Risk Analysis

What are the uncertainties surrounding our capital investment decision? Which ones are controllable and how?

Project Management

How can we improve the odds of a successful capital investment project? What resources do we need?

What-If? Analysis

What if the projects go off-track? What is at risk?