Business Analytics

In the new world of big data and business analytics, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. More information than ever is available from the web, apps, and the systems we may have implemented. But how much useful information do you have? What indicators should you monitor? Is it easy to obtain the insight you want when you want it?

Experience on Demand has experts with decades of experience translating data into actionable information you can use to improve business performance.

If you don’t already have reliable operating and financial projections, we can help you develop and maintain them. If you do, we can help make them better and easier to produce. Once you have them, we can help you explore ways to optimize your business to achieve the goals you care about most.

For more information, contact:
Rick Vanderwal at (814) 258-8481 and or
Glen Justis at 970-589-6702 and

Key questions:

How well do you understand the numbers underlying your business? Do you have financial projections? How confident in them are you? If performance unfolds differently than your expectations, how good or bad could it be?

Financial Projections

What is our expected performance this year? What is the probability of meeting or beating our budget? What are the trends? How does next year look? How about 5 years out?

Financial and Operations Analysis

How efficient are we? How do our ratios compare against industry norms? Which metrics matter the most? Should we focus most on revenue growth, cost reduction, or managing risk?

Risk Analysis

How good or poor could performance be? What are the main drivers? What combinations of factors do we need to watch?

What-If? Analysis

What if sales are higher or lower than expected? How will our margins change? What about costs? Which costs are fixed and which are variable?

Optimization Analysis

What are the “sweet spots” for our operations? What pricing, staffing, and output levels yield the best financial performance while ensuring customers satisfaction and protecting other values?