Do you need to grow revenues, customers, and profits?

Our Why: We want to serve the Business Development needs of every professional.

Compare your business functions to an automobile. We think of your Business Development or Sales personnel as your tires. Your Marketing personnel, the other half of your commercial team, your Marketing people, would be your engine.

Your Business Development team may not be the most glamorous part of your business, but you are not going anywhere without them. They are where the rubber hits the road – out there, making the sale with your customers. They are your point of execution in the market and they are a primary source of critical information on market conditions. They must be your high performers!

Once a new business owner conceives their business idea, the first resource they need is someone to help them sell the idea to the market, and then to make that critical first sale to the first customer. That is precisely where the skilled Business Developer is crucial to a business͛ success, and it is also where he or she is happiest – driving your sales growth!

Our Mission: The mission of EOD’s Business Development Practice, is to be your Sales teams’ Champion:

  • We will help you to plan, generate, and manage new customers profitably and sustainably
  • We will shape your team into a best practice Business Development organization
  • We will improve your integration with Marketing to retain and build sales among your most loyal customers, and
  • We will advocate for Business Development͛s strategic role in your organization.