Experience on Demand

Pat Murphy

All manufacturers and distributors want to increase profits, reduce costs and improve customer service. Achieving this requires a properly designed and managed supply chain that is optimized and aligned to support the goals of the company. Pat helps companies improve processes and develop better long term plans for manufacturing, warehousing and/or distributing their products. This often involves addressing complex issues to optimize manufacturing and distribution costs while meeting customer expectations.

Pat believes thatcompanies achieve the greatest benefit if theyfirst step back from the issues of the day and examine how their supply chain strategy aligns with the long term goals of the organization. He helps them to evaluate the design and function of their supply chain and identify opportunities to improve how products and information flow through the chain to minimize costs and maximize performance. This often includes assuring that products are produced and/or warehoused at optimal locations and in the right quantities. He also works with clients to develop effective capacity plans and optimize transportation spend to significantly reduce costs throughout the supply chain – from material supply through manufacturing, warehousing and transportation to the end customer.

With careful analysis and sound planning aligned with business goals, companies can realize improved supply chain performance, resulting in increased profitability, improved customer service, lean and sustainable processes, and effective planning of capacity and capabilities for new products and facilities.

Pat has vast experience in several manufacturing industries, including food and beverage, industrial, and transportation equipment, where as an Industrial Engineer, he has improved processes, reduced costs and improved customer service through all areas of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Pat is a Certified Supply Chain Professional through APICS and holds a Certificate in Supply Chain Management from St. Louis University. He is a Life Member in the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and has held offices of Chapter President and several other board positions. He has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management.