Dave Fisk is a hands-on Sales Implementation Leader. He helps companies grow sales by expanding existing markets, entering new markets, developing new products, focusing the selling effort and optimizing the route-to-market.

Dave works with business owners and senior leaders at small and mid-size manufacturers and distributors that have come to realize they are not meeting their sales goals or want to transition or stand up a sales organization. He offers much more than a boiler-plate solution. Dave will embed in your business, really understand it, actually execute the strategy making it possible to achieve your growth objectives.

He has long experience at bringing products to market through multiple channels on a regional, national and global basis. Dave has developed dozens of new manufactured products on-time and within budget.

If you have grown tired of regularly creating a sales strategy but not meeting it, of not controlling the sales growth path, want to transition from waiting for a customer to send in an order to proactively generating new sales or if you have difficulty developing or bringing new products to market, Dave Fisk and Experience on Demand will give you the confidence profitable growth and a well-functioning sales operation can be achieved, leading to a healthier, better positioned company.