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How Millennial Women are Changing What it Means to Be a Business Leader


In today’s professional world, there is a “confidence gap” between men and women. Meaning that many working women lack self-confidence– which is a major obstacle preventing women from ascending up the career ladder.

While professional women from the Baby Boomer generation learned to be apologetic and passive in their careers, Millennial women have learned to approach their careers differently. Thanks to growing up with the internet and the professional women who paved the way, Millennials have been able to redefine the role of women in the workplace.

Today’s professional women have been exposed to a wider world than their predecessors and, as a result, have drawn inspiration and influence from a more diverse group of role models. Millennial women are ambitious and hungry for a change. The following are some ways that Millennial women have come to change what it means to be a business leader.

They Have a Stronger Self-Worth

Many Millennial women were raised by parents who put their children first and really advocated for them. As a result, this is reflected in the workplace. Millennial women see themselves as equal to their male counterparts and see no reason why they shouldn’t be treated as such.

The Millennial generation also holds the record for producing more women college graduates than any generation before. With this influx of degree-holding professional women has come greater self-belief and ambition to achieve. In the workplace, older colleagues may interpret this as Millennial entitlement or lack of respect, but it’s really all about achievement– these women very are goal-oriented.

They Are Willing to Blaze Their Own Path

The Millennial workforce is big on prioritizing their professional desires. They want challenging roles of real significance but also want respect for their personal time and values. They value work-life balance, and they want to work with superiors who understand their values.

Millennial women are ready and willing to learn on the job because they have higher career expectations than professional women from previous generations. It’s not just about making money and progressing through a company hierarchy– it’s about being fulfilled through their work. They seek careers that help them fulfill personal goals, but if they feel a company is not in alignment with their pursuit, they are not afraid to leave and pursue their ambitions elsewhere.

And that doesn’t have to mean following the traditional career path– many Millennial women are becoming entrepreneurs to fulfill their ambitions and goals.

They Want to Improve Through Feedback and Development

When you grow up in a world where there’s social media, quick and constant feedback is normal. Millennial women want that feedback in their work and want to know how to better contribute to the success of their company. This generation values continuous learning, and it shows in the workplace.

Millennial women are changing the professional world in unprecedented ways with their strongly held beliefs and can-do attitudes. When employers get to know them, they realize that Millennial women are role model professionals, hence why workers from all generations have been adopting the working ways of this demographic.


Millennial women are changing the landscape of the workforce with their strong values and self-confidence, and as a result, they are changing what it means to be a great leader. As they continue to grow into the workforce, these women teach us that self-worth, strong ambition, and continuous learning are the keys to business leadership in this era.

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