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Financial Health Assessment


One of our primary goals is to help develop and maintain financially healthy companies. To accomplish that goal, we often recommend our program that provides you with a quarterly Financial Health Assessment and a corresponding Focus Report. Together, they identify specific financial, operational, organizational and cultural issues that should be attended to.

Think of it as going in for a routine medical exam. The doctor will inform you of any potential health risks and recommend a preventative maintenance program to help you reduce or eliminate those risks.

It is the same with your company’s financial health. We will do an assessment and inform you of any potential risks, as well as outline a path to recovery if necessary

So how can you benefit from this assessment?

There are numerous benefits of receiving a quarterly financial health assessment.  The following are just a few to consider:

  1. The Focus Report, a clear and concise two page report, provides absolute clarity and direction on the one or two most important objectives.
  2. The assessment reveals how and where to cut costs.
  3. Owner/CEO will gain assurance that their business model is still viable when they see positive trends in gross margins and operating cash flow.
  4. Performance of entire leadership team will improve because they will:
    • make better informed decisions,
    • better understand the importance of cash flow,
    • focus on the same goals,
    • be more motivated and collaborative, and
    • have a better understanding of the true drivers of the business.
  5. Assessment will help Owner/CEO develop long term strategy, and the process will make a future exit more beneficial and much more expedient.

So call us today.  Let’s get started down that path of health and success.

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