Efficient Ways to Utilize Networking


By, Frank Danzo – Senior Partner

Measurable objectives that track performance are necessary in order to efficiently utilize networking in your selling process. The following five objectives offer a great starting point:

  1. Time Allocation.
    • Determine how much time per week you want to invest in your network marketing.  Track where you spend time each day to build discipline into your workweek.
    • Review your objectives weekly.
    • Adjust your priorities to keep focused.
  2. Face-to-Face Meetings.
    • Determine the number of phone calls and/or emails you will need to make to set up networking meetings with acquaintances.  (On average, it takes six contact attempts to set up one face-to-face meeting.)
    • Determine how many meetings you want to schedule each week.
    • Make the contacts and schedule the meetings.
    • Share your marketing message and target market during the meetings.
  3. Number of Referrals per Meeting.
    • Obtain referrals from the meetings with the expectation of attaining new clients.
    • Set a goal for how many referrals you want to acquire at each face-to-face meeting.
  4. Percentage of “A” Quality Referrals.
    • Evaluate your referrals to ensure they are your target market.  If the referrals are not quality, perhaps it is time to refine your message and/or target market to make it more specific.  Networking should not be a random process.
  5. Review Progress (Once a Quarter).
    • Track your performance to determine if adjustments are needed.
    • Limit adjustments to your message, target market, or metrics to one change per quarter.  Otherwise, you will not be able to accurately measure the impact of the changes.

With a focused message, target market, and disciplined approach, everyone you come in contact with can eventually work for you.  No matter your line of business, soon your name will be the one offered when somebody is looking for a personal recommendation.