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Forget the aspirational. We recommend you use this simple tool that is grounded in reality.

Do you ever wonder how some individuals became successful? How did that entrepreneur build a thriving business? How did that CEO grow a multi-national company by 50%? How did that Production Manager improve output by 40%?

Every organizational leader will have their own vision of success, but we all know that it takes more than one person or entity to make that vision a reality. So, how does the visionary convince others to help? After all, no one wants to be the courageous officer who stands up and leads the charge up the hill, only to find out later that no one was following from behind.

Getting others to join you in your vision is not easy. So how do you do it?

If you study the history of some well-known people who built empires, you’ll realize some people are naturally gifted with the art of persuasion. These individuals were able to convince others to invest in, or join them simply by verbally sharing their vision. However, they represent a very small percentage of all the visionaries out there.

Another group are those who are already well known for their previous success. It is easier to convince people to assist when you have a strong track record. They already know you can be successful. But those individuals are also a small percentage of the people with visions of success.

So, what can the rest of us do to acquire the help we need to make our vision a reality?

The answer isn’t some lofty aspirational goal or team focused strategy. It’s totally grounded in reality. Because the single best tool to convey your vision is through a financial forecast.

Convert your vision into numbers because math is a universal language. Prospective investors, lenders, etc. that you need help from will be able to quickly see your vision.

A multi-year financial forecast also conveys to people that you have thought long and hard about your vision. You will be able to convey the strategic initiatives and the timelines for each to occur. And, you will be able to show how much money will be required and when the payoff occurs.

The entrepreneur will clearly convey their need for capital and when it will be repaid or returned.

The CEO will convey to each Executive what they will have to do and the benefits of doing it.

The Production Manager will be able to show top management that minor changes in the staffing schedule and/or acquisition of equipment will increase total output and increase profitability.

Prospective investors or lenders, Board members, executives, etc. that you need help from will be able to quickly see your vision.

Perhaps you do not have the ability to create a forecast by yourself or do not have the internal resources capable to do a forecast. That’s where we can help. At Experience on Demand, we have a team of experts in financial modeling. We have helped clients with financial forecasting no matter what their industry is. And those forecasts have set the table for success. Vision was turned into reality.

Rick Vanderwal
Senior Partner