Experience on Demand

Career Transition Coaching

A career transition can be a very stressful time in a person’s life. Whether the transition is your choice or driven by outside circumstances job search can feel lonely and challenge our confidence. The process developed and utilized, Career Networking Pro, provides a roadmap of what to do, when to do it, why you should do it, and examples of how to do it to have a successful transition.


The three keys to a successful career transition are knowing what you are selling, identifying who you are selling to and implementing an effective selling strategy.

To sell, we create your unique Personal Marketing Message highlighting how you add value to an organization, what skills help you deliver that value, and examples of your accomplishments as proof.

Rather than randomly apply to on-line job postings we target specific companies and hiring managers. We build a customized job search plan resulting in a logical and comprehensive roadmap to meet your next boss before a job opportunity even exists. When the opportunity presents you will be a known quantity to the hiring manager putting you ahead of the other candidates.

Preparation is critical so we start the process day one so you are confident, standing out from the competition. Every networking meeting you have is an informal interview so you must be prepared to share your value proposition, sell your product, and expand your network to find your next opportunity.

Teaching the art of networking, the most effective selling strategy as 80% of all jobs are found through networking, you will learn to market yourself and build professional relationships. There are two (2) ways to sell your product, being a Sales Representative, approaching each person and company to see if they want to buy your product. This method is inefficient and random. A better way to sell you product is to be a Sales Manager and turn every person you meet into a Sales Representative for you. To be a Sales Representative they need to know what your product is and why someone should buy it…your Personal Marketing Message. The more people selling you product the faster your product will be sold.

Throughout your journey, you will be provided the coaching, encouragement and accountability needed to break through issues, becoming confident, focused and successful. To learn more, or get started, contact Frank Danzo at Frank.Danzo@Experience-on-Demand.com or (314) 504-2799.