Sales Best Practices

There are at least two reasons for every business to consider installing Sales Best Practices:

  • Every day we find businesses where Baby Boomers are leaving huge gaps in knowledge as they migrate out of the workforce.  Some of the most important knowledge is held by your Sales organization, especially your customer knowledge and 4P best practices for maintaining or growing your sales with each customer.

  • While innovation is key to any commercial operation, having an appropriately balanced culture of best practices is critical to fueling the resources necessary to sustain innovation without adding costs to the P&L

EOD’s Business Development Practice has a proven track record of helping you discover and leverage Sales Best Practices and install Best Practice Organizations for sustaining this work long after EOD is gone. Once in place, your Best Practice-minded Sales organization can help other commercial functions, such as Marketing, Category, and Channel, create the same Best Practice mindset, culture, and sustaining organization within their teams.