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Recruiting Cohorts for Board Effectiveness and Diversity Project

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Board effectiveness and diversity are parallel needs to build strong, sustainable nonprofit organizations. The nonprofit sector is one that sees problems and creates solutions to enhance and build our community. Often these solutions move the dial on long term problems that many thought might not be “fixable”.

So why now?

The time is now!

CEOs/Exec Dirs and board members readily share the challenges of working with boards, and their desire to improve board impact. And many have not yet learned the comprehensive components of good solid governance.  Compound this trend with the fact that boards are no more diverse than they were 4 years ago.  The sector leadership anecdotally claims that diversity change hasn’t evolved for the past 10 years.  So, the time is now!

BoardSource reports that CEO/ ED’s report dissatisfaction with board diversity at 65%, while board chairs report dissatisfaction with board diversity efforts at 41%. That 24% variance is friction which can serve as the catalyst to become the opportunity we all seek to create change when organizations report that 84% of all board members are Caucasian. The dissonance continues as data indicates only 21% CEO/ED’s and board chairs report they wish to change or strengthen the board recruitment as one of their top 3 board performance goals.

Our Why

We believe this is exactly the strategic work that we are called to facilitate. We also recognize this is hard work deserving of our collective best efforts that we practice together.


We are recruiting cohorts comprised of 6-8 agency teams to participate in this 2-year project.   The agency team will be comprised of the CEO/ED plus a board member and a senior staff member, with the CEO/ED will be the constant in each meeting.  The agency teams will attend a launch meeting and 8 quarterly cohort meetings. 

The curriculum includes training, reporting on progress and challenges to move best practices forward within your agency, readings, and flexibility to address common hurdles. Best practices around effective board governance and diversity will be the parallel discussions.  Implementation is focused at the board and committee levels so you create the depth of desired change.  Additionally, each agency will receive 10 hours of coaching per year of the project to support your implementation.

Cohort Meeting Schedule & Logistics

First Cohort Meetings are being held at Richmond Heights Community Center at 8001 Dale, Richmond Heights, MO 63117 from 8-10am.  Coffee and light breakfast provided.


Year One

  • Launch Meeting 9/25/18
  • 1st Qtrly Cohort Meeting 10/10/18
  • 2nd Qtrly Cohort Meeting 1/9/19
  • 3rd Qtrly Cohort Meeting 4/10/19
  • 4th Qtrly Cohort Meeting 6/26/19

Year Two

  • 5th Qtrly Cohort Meeting 8/14/19
  • 6th Qtrly Cohort Meeting 11/13/19
  • 7th Qtrly Cohort Meeting 2/12/20
  • 8th Qtrly Cohort Meeting 5/13/20

Note: Timing for a second cohort is pending and to be determined.

Cohort Project Fee

The fee for each agency cohort team is $6500.  They payment schedule reflects our understanding of the nonprofit budget cycles.  The fee is payable in three payments.  This includes nine 2-hour cohort meetings, plus 10 hours of coaching per year (20 hours over 2-year project)

  • 50% is due 9/17/18 = $3250
  • 25% is due 1/25/19 = $1625
  • 25% is due 8/30/19 = $1625

Additional Supplemental Services and Fees

  • Board Effectiveness survey, analysis, and report


  • Board Retreat - board effectiveness & diversity (includes summary report & plan)

$5000 (includes both consultants as retreat facilitators)

  • Extra coaching

$200 per hour


Question & Answer Sessions

Two Q & A sessions provide you an opportunity to ask further questions.  The Q & A Sessions are:

  • Thurs Aug 23rd at 8-9:00 am at Anders CPA & Advisors at 800 Market St. Suite 500, St. Louis, MO 63101 Complimentary parking; Anders will validate parking at the Stadium West garage. Park on any non-reserved floor, take the elevator or stairs to the 6th floor and cross the skywalk into the Bank of America Tower. Pass the guard desk and head towards the large Anders sign and up the escalators to our lobby.
  • Thurs Aug 30th at 3-4:00 pm at Reliance Bank Community Room. Address is 10301 Clayton Rd, St. Louis, MO 63131, which is the corner of Lindbergh and Clayton with complimentary parking lot adjacent to the building.

Please confirm your attendance at a Q & A session

Application for the Board Effectiveness and Diversity Cohort

Each agency wishing to reserve their team spot in the Cohort is required to complete this online application form by Sept 5th.