Experience on Demand

Play Smart to Win in Business

René Vidal, Author & Steve Finkelstein, Co-Author

Drive Business Results through Winning Sport Tactics and Principles

The major reason organizations fail is poor leadership planning and execution.  As a result, companies waste valuable energy, lose precious time, misallocate scarce resources, and ultimately perform well below expectations.  The purpose of this book is to provide business leaders with a simple, pragmatic framework, that when applied, will dramatically improve the performance and productivity of leaders, teams, and organizations.

1.     Part I: Smart Thinking.  Many business leaders, teams, and organizations suffer from a lack of perspective.  They don’t fully understand that business, like tennis, is largely a psychological game.  Specifically, “the quality of our thinking determines the quality of our results.”  As a result, business leaders are encouraged to examine the thinking processes behind their decisions to produce better outcomes.

2.     Part II: Smart Strategy.  Many business leaders, teams, and organizations fail at creating practical strategies that are clear and easy to implement.  The goal of strategy is not to “have a strategy;” the goal of strategy is successful implementation.   

3.     Part III: Smart Planning.  Many business leaders, teams, and organizations “shortchange” the planning process by not investing the time, energy, and resources towards becoming thoroughly prepared.  The “ready-fire-aim” approach may work for some, but not most top business leaders.   

 4.     Part IV: Smart Action.  Many business leaders, teams, and organizations fall prey to “slow starter syndrome.”  That is, they score high on due diligence, yet score low on positive momentum.  Amazingly enough, many businesses fail to “get out of the gate” altogether.   

5.     Part V. Smart Adjustments.  Many business leaders, teams, and organizations fail to adapt to the ever-increasing speed, change, and technological advances in today’s global economy.  Rather than moving forward with agility, many businesses find themselves on a never-ending plateau, doing the same drill over and over again.   

 6.     Part VI: Smart Results.  Many business leaders, teams, and organizations simply fail to achieve desired outcomes in vital areas such as: employee engagement, increased profit margins, higher sales revenue, life balance, and team cohesion.  Often discouraged, exhausted, and stressed-out, business leaders lose sight of the day-to-day process that can lead to extraordinary results.