Small to medium size companies experience the same employee challenges that larger companies deal with. Unfortunately, the smaller the organization, the more likely they don’t have the internal HR leadership expertise to overcome those challenges.

Larger companies can afford to employ a senior HR leader.  These senior HR officers are able to strategically integrate best practices for their company’s HR processes, programs, and policies into their daily operations.  They are able to ensure that their human capital serves the best interest of the company.  They also serve as trusted advisors to the CEO and their management team.

But what if all size companies could have the same level of expertise available?  In fact, you can through Experience on Demand’s Part-Time (Ongoing) Senior HR Leader Services by creating a relationship with Dave Giffin, Experience on Demand’s HR Practice Leader.

You can enter into a retainer relationship with Experience on Demand and Dave by committing to a certain number of hours per month (e.g. 3-4 hours) for Dave to serve as your Senior HR Leader. Under this relationship, he would be available to provide advice and counsel regarding day-to-day employee issues, sit-in on weekly or monthly staff meetings, or play whatever role that would best meet your human resource management needs.

If you are interested in exploring how Experience on Demand can provide ongoing HR leadership, then contact David Giffin by calling (314) 277-2217 or email him at