Experience is the key!

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a very disciplined, well-planned process to help accomplish a company’s growth strategy. This process begins with identifying a vision, defining goals and then setting the strategies to accomplish those goals. This process is best accomplished with people that are experienced in transactional work and that can help plan the integration past transaction. Our team of experienced consultants fits that bill.

The diagram above shows the entire process and lays out a road map step by step. We advise companies through this process and coordinate all steps with the company, outside professionals and the other side company of the transaction.

At Experience on Demand, we not only advise through the entire transaction, we also are helping the company layout the post migration plan to achieve synergies and integrate the two companies into one with our team of experts in various disciplines. This plan includes a day one plan to hit the road running past transaction. Our consultants are well versed and experienced in Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Supply Chain, Data Analysis, Marketing, IT, and financial matters.

M&A Services

  • Transaction advisory
  • Target searches
  • Strategic and Transaction planning
  • Operational/Management Due Diligence
  • Post Merger Planning
  • Interim and Part-Time Corporate Development Department

For additional information or interest in discussing these services, please contact:

Barry Worth

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