Do you need to increase your brand image and awareness?

“The purpose of business is to get and keep a customer.”
Theodore Levitt, The Marketing Imagination

The rapid evolution of information technology has led to an increased focus on the individual customer. Being able to identify your best customers, know their likes and dislikes, and address them on an individual basis constitutes valuable marketing ammunition. Digital marketing, an ongoing dialogue in social media, and targeted strategies and communications are also important parts of the marketing mix.

Innovative Market Strategy

Businesses want to know:

  • What differentiates my product/service from the competition?  How do I translate that into my marketing message?
  • Who are my best customers? What do they look like? Why do they buy my product? Where do I find more customers like them?
  • Where should I market my product/service?  How do I find/reach my best customers and prospects?
  • How do I maintain contact with customers and prospects so they continue to buy from me and recommend my business to others?




It’s About the Customer!

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60–70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%Marketing Metrics.

It costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one.  – Bain & Company.

Effective Marketing is not just about getting customers. It is about finding the right, most profitable customers, building a relationship with them, retaining their business, and turning them into advocates who promote your business, products, and services.

Customer lifetime value (LTV) and maintaining contact with the customer during key events in the customer relationship are drivers of marketing initiatives. Strong relationships are built through integrated marketing strategies that reach customers and prospects through a variety of media. Marketing expenditures are amortized over the “lifetime” of the customer and measured against the results they produce.

Marketing with Experience On Demand St Louis


Marketing Services

Market Research & Analysis

Qualitative: Focus Groups; 1:1 Interviews
Quantitative: Market Definition Studies; Customer Satisfaction/Experience; Analysis & Modeling

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Plan: Target Audience, Messaging and USP (Unique Selling Proposition), Media Channels, Timing

Marketing Campaigns

Drip Marketing: Email, Direct Mail; Loyalty Marketing; Affinity Programs; Social Media

Sales Promotion

Event Marketing, Targeted Offers, Fulfillment, Referral Programs, Incentive programs

Public Relations

Press Releases, Media Pitching,  Press Kits


Print and Digital Newsletters, Collateral Materials


Marketing Case Studies

Market Research: Membership Enhancement and Benchmarking study

Client: National nonprofit serving the business community, organizations in 29 major metropolitan areas:  (Chicago, New York City, Orlando, Miami, Austin, Seattle, St. Louis, Boise, Buffalo, Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Columbus, Ohio, Toledo, Ohio, Denver, Colorado Springs, Boise, Buffalo, Little Rock,  Ft. Worth, Cincinnati, Chattanooga, Cleveland ,Dayton, Des Moines, Ft. Wayne, Oakland, Ft. Collins, CO., Louisville, Milwaukee)

Situation: Participating locations wanted to increase member retention and add new businesses. Companies were cutting back on budgets for joining business organizations, and the competition was stiff among organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, National Federation of Independent Businesses, etc. The organizations wanted to learn what services/benefits their members valued, and what additional services/benefits had appeal, as well as what competitive offers appealed most to businesses.

Solution: Experience on Demand developed a survey for members to gauge what they valued, what they wanted from the organization, why they did or didn’t join other business organizations, and what were their biggest business challenges. The survey was initially deployed with businesses belonging to the organization’s St. Louis location.

Results: Results of the 25-question survey were presented to the St. Louis location and used by the nonprofit to implement changes in their marketing and recruiting efforts that had a significant impact on the organization’s revenue from members, budget attainment, and non-dues revenue.



Client: St. Louis Chapter of National Organization for Young Women

Situation: Organization was providing a wide variety of services to five different audiences and wanted to determine which services should continue to be offered and which audiences should continue to be served.

Solution: A market definition study including focus groups, 1:1 interviews, surveys, and secondary research was used to measure awareness, usage and client satisfaction with the services, as well as competitive offerings similar to those provided by the organization.

Results: Results of the study helped the organization’s leadership team and board select which services to continue offering, and identified prospective clients for those services who could be targeted with awareness-building communications to encourage their use of the services.



Client: National Franchisor

Situation: Franchisor had 250 franchise locations in 46 states and wanted to increase national awareness and support local marketing efforts of their franchisees.

Solution: Experience on Demand established an ongoing public relations plan to announce franchise openings, new hires, and promotions as well as fund-raisers and local charity activities supported by franchisees. EoD researched media contacts, wrote, and distributed press releases for 45 awards presented at the organization’s annual conventions. EoD redesigned, wrote, and edited a quarterly newsletter for franchisees, associates and prospective franchisees, to promote franchisor’s activities and culture.

Results: Franchisor garnered an average of three media mentions per month in local media of franchise locations as well as coverage in national and regional media including Women’s Day, Entrepreneur Magazine, and industry trade publications. During the first 12 months of the campaign, 42 new franchises including resales were added.



Client: Local Historical Society

Situation: Historical society was sponsoring Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall exhibit coming to St. Louis for four days and wanted to raise awareness, promote volunteer participation, contributions, and encourage attendance.

Solution: Program committee met monthly.  Public relations campaign began by contacting special interest groups like Vietnam Veterans organizations. Feature stories about these groups and their war experiences helped build interest in the exhibit.  Press releases to all local media in the region, as well as a media event at local country club, continued to build awareness.

Results: Over 2500 people visited the exhibit while it was displayed, and local print and broadcast media covered the event.



Client: Packaged Goods Manufacturers & POS Scanner Software Company

Situation: Consumer packaged goods manufacturer wanted to drive purchases of their brand in selected product categories and help participating grocery chains attract shoppers with an opportunity to participate in a loyalty program. POS Software Company wanted to add value for the store’s using their software.

Solution: Store shoppers were invited to participate in the program and have an opportunity to earn awards for their purchases.  Household demographics were provided by shoppers when they enrolled, and purchase scanner data was added to their profiles when they made eligible product purchases. Targeted promotions were designed based on shopper profiles, and test and control groups were used to measure program impact.

Results: Sales of featured products in participating stores increased 3 to 14%. Stores offering awards out-performed control group stores.



Client: Fulfillment Division of International Company

Situation: Newly created fulfillment division wanted to reach prospects from companies that required high quality, specialized fulfillment services.

Solution: Target list of potential fulfillment clients was developed based on profile of best prospect companies—industries, type of services needed, etc. Special mailing about the legend of King Arthur that included a chunk of dry ice and a gift for the recipient was created to demonstrate the company’s ability to accomplish any and all types of fulfillment assignments.

Results: Mailing generated 25% response rate and sales leads from 25% of the prospects receiving the mailing.