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IT Like A Business


Does IT seem like a black box where money is spent but results are difficult to quantify?  Do you have trouble understanding the language IT speaks to you?  If so, you need to run IT like a business.

What does IT like a business mean?

All areas of a business have their own special language, but business in general should share common language.  It starts with corporate goals and then all other areas need to work in alignment with those goals.  For IT, that means usually providing supporting tools and solutions that help all areas of the business.  It also requires accountability to the business.

How is running IT like a business different?

  • IT is held accountable to goals and objectives

  • Metrics that are business focused, not technology focused

  • Projects are all co-sponsored by the business

How can EOD help?

  • Establish appropriate metrics for you and the IT team

  • Establish goals that are aligned with the business goals

  • Establish business appropriate metrics

  • Coaching IT leaders to work with the business