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HR Metrics

HR leaders are playing important roles in the company’s strategic decision making, helping to identify and implement long term goals. As a result, HR leaders are becoming more results or goal orientated. The importance of HR analytics and the ability to interpret data is more important than ever. Analyzing data, such as turnover, retention, time to hire, etc., can help to identify areas in which the company can improve.  BSC will walk you through what data is important, how to capture and analyze it and most importantly, how to use this data to help develop action plans to both attract and maintain highly skilled and engaged staff. 

In order to be a legitimate strategic business partner, HR leaders have to provide real evidence that they are having a positive strategic business impact. Management often asks, “How are we doing?” However, this is not always an easy question to answer. Especially if there is no objective measuring tool available to determine really how well HR is performing.