Experience on Demand

Gayle Randa

Gayle, a Human Resources Executive with 20 plus years of experience, has provided guidance and leadership to multi-state, multi-site healthcare organizations.   She has extensive hands-on experience leading HR initiatives including strategic planning, workflow design, mergers and acquisitions, policy and procedure development, performance management, employee engagement, organizational and leadership development, and culture transformation. 

To deliver HR solutions that have a positive impact on the organization, Gayle’s philosophy is that you must start with a well-thought out HR Strategic Plan.  This plan will act as a conceptual road map, guiding HR through short-term transitional changes to fully optimizing HR performance. The result being increased efficiencies, cost savings and a happy, more engaged staff.

Strategic Planning:  It is easy for companies to make hiring, staffing and policy decisions by force of habit rather than taking time to develop a cohesive HR strategy.  However, companies that do, see real results.  Gayle works with companies to develop a forward-thinking, proactive and, most of all, creative plan.  She will bring a fresh perspective to your business without being influenced by current or past practices.  She will assist you in developing a customized HR strategic plan that will directly impact and support your business goals as well as establish a platform for growth. A plan that will also help your HR Leader become a true strategic partner. 

Policy & Procedure Development:  Standardized HR practices and policies enable the organization to fulfill business expectations while complying with federal/state regulations.  Outdated policies can leave you open to inconsistent practices, possible unfair treatment of staff as well as legal issues.  Given increasing financial pressures and the ever-growing workload, it may be difficult for your company to find time to focus on these areas.  Gayle can provide the assistance you need.  Whether it is developing an entirely new HR Policy and Procedure manual or by providing direction and guidance including templates and tools based on industry standards, best practices and current regulatory guidelines.

HR Department Effectiveness Assessment: Does your HR Department run like a well-oiled machine?  Is your company compliant with all the new employment regulations?  Does your HR department operate as efficiently and effectively as it can?  If you answered “No” or maybe your answer is “you don’t know”, then an effectiveness assessment is needed.  The HR Department Effectiveness Assessment (HRDEA) is an in-depth analysis of an organizations’ HR functionality.  By Gayle conducting a comprehensive review of the HR practices, policies, and procedures currently in place, she will be able to identify areas of strength, weakness and opportunities for improvement. The results will be the building blocks to transform your HR department into a true strategic partner in your organization. 

Gayle received a Bachelor's in Human Resources Management from Wichita State University and a Masters of Human Resources Development from Webster University.