Could your business survive a business interruption?  Businesses often fail to continue or thrive due to a lack of a comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery plan.  The impact on the business from man-made and natural disasters can be staggering.

Why do you need a DR plan?

  • Machines fail: Computers are not made to last forever. They will fail eventually and usually at the most inopportune times.
  • Humans fail: An employee trying to do the right thing can create a disaster by missing a step or hurrying.
  • High expectations: Customers and executives expect near perfection from IT.  Any amount of downtime has an impact on the business. Your business may not be as impacted as others, but outages all have a cost.
  • Nature is unpredictable: All areas of our country have natural disasters that cause interruptions, and you cannot control the weather.

How can EOD help?

  • We work with you to assess your current plan and determine if it is appropriate for your organization.
  • We help you develop a comprehensive and appropriate plan.
  • We work with IT and the business to set the right response levels for different scenarios.
  • We teach you how to keep the plan up-to-date and tested so the plan is valid when you need it.