Experience on Demand

Department Effectiveness Assessments

Let Gayle help increase the value output of your HR Department through the use of Effectiveness Assessments.

There are many reasons why HR Assessments should be conducted and many ways to use the results.  At a minimum, audits can be used to determine:

  • The current effectiveness of the HR Department (Baseline),

  • What to improve, change or implement (Effectiveness);

  • What to do first and when (Risk Reduction); and

  • How to make changes and introduce programs, systems and procedures that will impact the bottom line of your organization as well as ensure that your employees are happy, engaged and productive. (ROI).

With each assessment, Gayle will provide prioritized recommendations for improvement and will suggest metrics to ensure long-term and continual results.  Assessments include:

  • Policies and Procedures:   All HR policies and procedures are reviewed including the employee handbook, to ensure fairness, consistency and compliance.

  • Compensation:   Audit of the compensation structure and practices to ensure fairness, consistency and compliance with budgetary guidance and goals of the organization.

  • Record-keeping:   Audit of the record-keeping practices including: personnel files, I-9s, mandatory postings, and current policy.

  • Employee Engagement:  Audit process includes employee focus groups, leader interviews, management audits and employee engagement survey and assessment.

  • Performance Management Systems:  Review of employee and leader assessment, development and rewards systems.  Each system is reviewed for compliance, consistency, adherence to budget guidelines, and organizations goals.

  • Talent Stewardship:  Processes reviewed include recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding in order to secure and retain a highly talented and engaged staff.