Experience on Demand

David Straub


While the Business Development Practice is relatively new to Experience on Demand, David is not new to Business Development.

Over the past 35 years, David was a sales and marketing executive with several small to medium sized businesses in the retail, nonprofit, and service sectors, and four FMG Top 50 manufacturing companies.  In the last 10 years his roles involved him serving as an internal management consultant.  From these experiences, he acquired both a love of selling and a unique penchant to develop and share well-designed commercial processes/systems (why not create best practice and/or automate so that you can spend more time with your clients or innovating?). He now looks forward to sharing what he has learned with St. Louis (his home town) area businesses as EOD’s Business Development Practice Leader.  

David’s greatest passion is for coaching leaders on how to create integrated and innovative "Go-to-Market" commercial (especially business development, category, and channel) strategic plans, and as part of that, building the team (significant experience with start-ups and new organizations in multiple industries and non-profit) that will execute those plans.

David’s strategic plans focus first on building loyalty, and then on generating productive leads (at the lowest costs), expanding markets, and bringing new concepts to market all as a means of generating income growth. Aligning stakeholders by co-creating a common mission, clear vision, and scorecard metrics for these plans have been keys to his success. 

Experienced in global best practice consulting, budget / P&L management, LEAN, system implementation, and leading change, David is also experienced at working across the entire path-to-purchase (or course-to contributions in non-profits) from brand strategy thru achieving operational excellence at point-of-purchase/contribution. He is a "root cause" kind of guy who likes to celebrate quick wins when leading change.

David has impactful and intentional communication, teaching, and presentation skills. And he is committed to continual learning, honoring and leveraging our differences, and integrity as personal core values.

David’s other skills include: Shopper Marketing, Sales / Retail Management, Market & Business Analysis (Current State), Process Improvement, Organizational Design, Role Clarity, Trade Spend / Pricing Optimization, Stakeholder: Identification / Assessment / Planning / Communication / Feedback.

Over the past 20+ years, David (and his wife) have been actively involved in marriage ministry in the St. Louis area. He has both a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master’s in Management degree in Marketing and Finance from Northwestern University, and David is now studying to become a Deacon.