Experience on Demand

David Giffin

Dave’s passion is assisting business leaders solve their employee challenges.  He is a seasoned Human Resource Management executive with the unique combination of both HR and P&L experience, resulting in a business person who specializes in people management.  His extensive background enables him to consult in the entire Employee Life Cycle.  In addition, Dave’s broad-based experience in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, distribution, hotel services, not-for-profit, medical device, commercial sales, and senior living has prepared him to tackle any industry.

Dave’s entire career has been devoted to developing HR strategies to assist organizations in solving their employee challenges to maximize the effectiveness of their human capital.  Throughout his career he has served as a trusted advisor to CEOs and senior management, offering advice and counsel on how to effectively manage their employees.  He prides himself in rolling-up his sleeves and digging into understanding his client to ensure their specific needs are met.

As Experience on Demand’s HR practice leader, he has a three-prong approach to solving a company’s employee challenges:

1.     Optimize the effectiveness of the HR function and its processes

2.     Maximize the effectiveness of the leadership and supervisor teams

3.     Enhance employee engagement

After a career working inside organizations, Dave created The Giffin Group in 2017 and joined EOD in 2018 to be a part of a full-service business consulting firm.

Dave has a B.S. in Psychology from Purdue University and a M.S. in Industrial Relations from the Krannert School of Business, Purdue University.  He serves on the Board of Directors of Friendship Village St. Louis.  He is also the author of The Spiritual Keys to an Effective Job Search and is a veteran having served in the U.S Army Security Agency.