Commercial/Sales Planning & Strategies

Commercial Planning is considered a critical sub-set of every Corporate Strategic Plan. The Commercial Plan includes the:

  1. Marketing Plan (Portfolio and/or Brand and Consumer covered in our Marketing tab)
  2. Category Management Plan (see our Category Management heading)
  3. Channel Management Plan (where relevant—see our Channel Management heading)
  4. Sales Plan — Minimally this includes such items as:
    • An analysis of your territory
    • Your customer revenue, profit, and share goals
    • The strategies, initiatives, projects, and tactics you are going to use to achieve those
    • The goals you have set for your sales team and their personal development, and
    • The goals you have set for the development of your organization and those who support i t
  5. Retail (or Point of Purchase) Management Plan where relevant

When it comes to the Commercial Plan, integration between Marketing, Category, Channel, Sales, and Retail is critical. To accomplish an effective level of integration, you need someone who has worked in all four functions and has knowledge and experience with Supply Chain, Finance, and IS/IT as key support members of the Commercial Team.

Someone coming exclusively from Marketing or Sales will not achieve the level of integration required in an effective Commercial Plan. Often times these people do not understand Category, Channel, and/or POP (Retail) Management. EOD’s Marketing & Business Development Practices boast this integrated commercial experience and has experts in Supply Chain, IS/IT, and Finance to assist when and where they are needed.