Experience on Demand

Coaching Salespeople and Sales Managers


Often times it will become important for people on the front line of sales (those both actually making your sales and/or those who are managing your sales people) to have a coach.  
Typically, the sales person or manager being coached has been a good performer, however for whatever reason their success has stalled or you need them to take their performance to the next level.  A coach in this case is someone who lives a “day-in-their-life”, and can spot opportunities for them to get back on a successful sales or management track or “leap frog” their current skills.

Someone who observes how the sales person:

  • Plans his/her day (how he routes calls on his trip), 
  • Prepares for each specific sales call, 
  • Delivers the sales presentation (so the coach will actually ride with the sales person and attend calls on customers) using consultative sales and/or benefit selling techniques,
  • Completes necessary administration, and 
  • At the end of the day, plans for the following day

Someone who observes how the sales manager:

  • Works with Marketing to understand the Brand/Product being sold and its target customers/ leads and conveys this knowledge to his/her sales people
  • Plans his/her day (what percent of the day is spent on each of the General Manager’s activities = people, business, and organization?)
  • Executes ride-alongs with his/her sales people
  • Coaches
  • Development Plans for each member of his/her team
  • Sets sales goals
  • Builds and leads a “healthy team”
  • Determines best practices and shares this knowledge with his/her sales team

Whether in business, sports, or the arts, most of us have experienced the benefit a good coach can mean to improving our performance.  Consider providing this same benefit to some of the most critical members of your business: your Sales people and managers.