Experience on Demand

Channel Management


EOD’s Business Development, Marketing, and Supply Chain practices working together can help businesses (generally linked to manufacturing or retailing) manage and optimize how their products get to market (i.e., via traditional “Format Channels” or “Routes-to-Market”) by understanding the cost to serve our customers via each format/route.

Equally important though, where your customers are able to buy your products or services through multiple Points of Purchase, depending on the mission they are on, today’s shopper is more readily able to determine their Channel (or the Points of Purchase where s/he will buy your products or services while on that shopping mission).

EOD’s Business Development Practice can help our clients to determine:

  1. if they should want the shopper and his/her channel (based mostly on the shopper’s sales/profit potential for their products/services), and/or
  2. should be willing to invest in moving the shopper to another more favorable channel.

This combination of format/shopper is EOD’s proven Channel Management program!