Experience on Demand

Business Coaching

Are you working on projects that are urgent or projects that are important? It is so hard to stay focused when customers, vendors, and employees are all demanding your time.


Do you know the key drivers of your business? Making decisions each day without good data makes those decisions harder and increases the likelihood of making a mistake.

When asked, where do you want your business to be in three (3) years do you go silent? Without a destination in mind it is hard to end up where you want.

Working with the owner and/or leadership team we will help evaluate critical issues the business is facing, evaluate alternatives, develop plans to overcome the issues, and implement the solution. We will identify metrics critical to the success of the business, determine the best way to track the metrics, and implement a structured process to review and guide decisions. We will invest time focusing on the future of the company assessing opportunities, developing strategies, setting objectives, and implementing plans to achieve the objectives.

As a trusted partner we will help evaluate issues and make critical decisions, help you think beyond your current knowledge and experience base, and introduce new ideas and tools to your business. We will tell you what “we think” and “what you need to hear” rather than what we think you want to hear. This direct and honest feedback is critical to the partnership. We will hold you accountable to think about the future of your business, challenge you to address critical obstacles, and help you think through each step to make the best decision.

Throughout your journey, you will be provided the coaching, encouragement and accountability needed to break through issues, becoming confident, focused and successful. To learn more, or get started, contact Frank Danzo at Frank.Danzo@Experience-on-Demand.com or (314) 504-2799