Why is this project important now?

Executive Directors and board members readily share the challenges and desire to improve board effectiveness to impact agency growth and sustainability. Yet many struggle with knowing and practicing what are those components at the board and committee levels. Compound this trend with the fact that boards are no more diverse than they were 4 years ago. The sector leadership anecdotally claims that diversity hasn’t evolved on boards in the past 10 years. So now is the time to get unstuck with new strategies.

Project Description

This is a capacity building project that brings together a cohort of nonprofit organizations, (6-8 agencies) focused on improving their board effectiveness and diversity. They meet quarterly for two years for training and facilitated strategy development sessions to build effective and diverse boards and committees. We recognize taking board and staff leadership to a higher level is hard work, and takes dedicated time, new content, and experiences. Individual coaching will supplement the cohort sessions to customize each agency’s needs and plans. The agencies are able to bring a team of three leaders from their agency including the CEO, a board member and a senior staff member. Additionally, each agency will receive 10 hours of coaching per year between the quarterly cohort meetings to problem solve and work on their customized strategies.

Project Launch

This cohort project will be launched when the cohort is recruited, and mutually convenient dates will be established with input from the agency CEO’s.


The fee for each agency cohort team is $6500, paid in three installments over the 2 year project. Supplemental services are available for additional fees and include a board assessment survey & report, board retreat & plan or additional coaching.

Deliverables Provided In This Project

  • 8 Quarterly cohort meetings for each agency team of 3 leaders; CEO/ ED, Board Member* & a Sr. staff member
  • 20 Hours of coaching provided over 2 years focused on your customized strategy.
  • Training and strategies
  • Curated reading on best practices, resources and relevant articles
  • Curriculum developed for the cohort meetings

*Note, we understand that the board member of each team may not be able to attend each cohort meeting, though they are encouraged to strengthen their team approach to implementation.